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Hello, my name is Manu, the owner of The Family Loft.

I love and know well my city and I like to help you to plan your trip in Valencia..

If you want to spend some days in Valencia, please contact to me and I will try to prepare the best days for you and your family![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”32px”][vc_column_text]

If you need more information about the apartment or Valencia city, please contact with me in this link.

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Photos of the apartment.

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This apartment is the ideal place to spend a few days in Valencia.

Its location allows you to be very close to the wonderful City of Arts and Sciences and minutes from the historic city center.

The Family Loft is in a very quiet night and no traffic area so your rest is assured.
The building is only six doors and rooms overlook a courtyard and there is no traffic noise.(three floor without elevator)[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”32px”][vc_column_text]habitacion de matrimonio con armario empotrado, mesitas de noche, zapatero, tv en pared.


For the parens I offer a room with a double bed of 1.5 x 2 metres with a large cupboard … shoe closet, TV, electric heating, air conditioning and heating, fun and night lamps.


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For children there is a small room with a bunk right in front of your. It also has electric heating and night lamps.

In the case of large families, if there is a baby with you I will put a travel cot in your room, if the third child is elder, can stay on the sofa bed in the lounge.



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The kitchen is equipped with all appliances you need, fridge, microwave oven, sandwich toaster, blender, juicer, electric grill, kettle … besides china service for 6 people.

You’ll also find coffee, cola cao, Nesquik, virgin olive oil, vinegar, sugar, salt ……

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The living room has a big sofa bed , dining table , air conditioning, large TV and DVD , wifi , stereo and laptop.


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In the bathroom you will find towels for each of the components of the family, and dryer, gel, shampoo, body milk…




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The best place of the house.

Travelers breakfast and dinner on the terrace. Itis really lovely!
There is a outside shower!


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Reviews in English.

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More photos in this link.

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Look at this video.

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